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Warren G. Phillips Brain-based teaching strategies

Science Fair Anxiety

hat happens when the teacher announces a science fair? Anxiety! Students are not sure where to start.  Parents are not sure how to help.  And sometimes, the teacher has not provided enough support to reduce this anxiety.
Of course, students need to learn how scientists discover new information, and they need to learn how to accumulate date, organize it, and present it to others.  I think that the best way to proceed is to use the scientific method.  I teach the scientific method in a painless way, with the scientific method songcheck it out on Itunes. Once the steps of the scientific methodsfdisplay are examined, it is necessary to organize the science fair project according to the steps.
The first time through, the teacher should explain and give examples for each part In fact, I gave a rubric for each part and checked it before proceeding. Students get easily overwhelmed and often misled if not checked periodically during the project.  Even when creating a display, students need guidance and a rubric is really helpful, as shown. 
Many students put great effort into their work, but organization is sometimes lacking.  With great effort, great ideas, and great organization, I have been able to see my students succeed and win science fairs at the science-fair-app-logo-copylocal, regional, state, and national levelsDuring my 41 years of teaching, I created a guide to help students, teachers, and home-schoolers to help organize and present their results.  Recently, I have developed an app for their Iphones, Ipads, and Android devices that will guide them through the process. Check it out at the app store…or visit my web page at




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